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Welcome to the personal website of Daniel Perteet. There's not much here yet, but feel free to click some of the links in the sidebar, or something.

Some IRC Networks

I know IRC is not as popular as it once was, but if you know how to get on IRC, try some of the nets below. I am IndirectIRC the most, as I am an oper on there, but all the networks listed here, are great networks.

IndirectIRC: A network I founded and currently run. It's small, but feel free to stop by. irc.indirectirc.com

StaticBox:Just go here, it's awesome. :) irc.staticbox.net

d00mnet: This is the official Network for Japan-A-Radio. If you like JAR, or just wanna talk to a great group of Japanese music enthusiests, just stop by the Japan-A-Radio channel on d00mnet. irc.d00mnet.com

NightStar: This network is home to a lot of webcomic channels, and many others. This network is not for everyone, but I am there.




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Friend Sites

Joey's Website: The official home of Jemascola

Space Available. :)


Updated the IRC Networks list, removing SorceryNet, and adding StaticBox and Nightstar.

We'll be redoing the whole site soon, to make it xhtml and css compliant. We'll also be getting rid of all the tables, in favor of div tags, so it will be awesome.