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Author:  danperteet [ 21 Nov 2009, 22:09 ]
Post subject:  New Stuff

Ok, I have enabled a bunch of new stuff after the upgrade so here goes.
1. Topic Icons- Above the subject bar in a new topic, you can chose an icon to go by your topic. Those should be fun.
2. View Active Topics- On almost every page of the board, below the forum name, ucp and pm box, and last visit time, Next to view unanswered posts, is a text link that says View active topics. You can see the topics with recent activity there.
3. Quick Reply- Yes we now have quick reply. This is a new feature with the upgrade. Pretty basic, but it works.
4. Q & A Captcha- Have fun answering these questions bots. :)
5. RSS Feed- Don't let that discourage you from visiting.
That's all for now.

Author:  Jemascola [ 22 Nov 2009, 07:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: New Stuff


Author:  danperteet [ 24 Nov 2009, 13:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: New Stuff

I forgot to mention the rss feed. editing the first post.

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