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Avatar fanfic post from Joes Forum 08
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Author:  danperteet [ 10 Aug 2009, 00:56 ]
Post subject:  Avatar fanfic post from Joes Forum 08

Well in 2008 I said I was working on a fanfic called Avatar the Last Airbender: After Sozin's Comet. I did start on it but it never got off the ground. Sozin's Comet was the end of the Avatar series and it left a lot of loose ends. After Sozin's Comet was intended to focus on the future and all that stuff. I had some great ideas in store like Aang having four kids :o . Well anyway hopefully i'll finsh it this time.
By the way I am posting this at 1:52 AM in case you are wondering. That's the Eastern time zone in case you're wondering.

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