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 Post subject: Two of my Audio Drama's on Youtube.
PostPosted: 21 Sep 2011, 18:50 

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I have these on other websites and I have EVEN MORE on other websites but I won't post them all until later. For now, let me know you guys my most-recent productions. Every word was written by me (Or improvd by the cast) and the stories are created BY ME. Viewer discretion is HEAVILY ADVISED especially for Plagam. It's one of the most fucked up things I've ever made. Enjoy!

Image (This is 1 out of 5 posts, you can find the links to the other parts in through my channel.)

Rated: Restricted (18+)

WARNING: This Radio play contains Graphic violence, Excessive language, Rape, Strong sexual content, and Deaths of Children.

*Not for the Faint of heart. This may disturb you; turn back now if you are bothered by such things.

(Horror, Drama, Psycho-thriller)

Set in modern day Japan. People live their lives striving to become significant, or give meaning to their existence. Wanting to say things like, I just got that big promotion! and I just graduated top of my class! or even I served my country, as should you all. Of course, in this society these are nothing but delusions, silly dreams that act to give us meaning, but not a true purpose in life.

The Monster has arrived, a serial mass-murderer who travels the world in search of those he deems worthy of the True Answer to that very question. That answer of course being: DEATH. Every human being will eventually die in accordance to natures will; it is the one constant that we all can count on. That is the true meaning of life, though when is the mystery.

The killers next target: Tokyo, Japan. Detectives Kiyoshi Matsumoto, Jiro Satō, and Miyuki Hayashi are in pursuit of this psychotic executioner. But they themselves are about to become victims in his sick game. No one is safe-all shall perish. This is Plagam extremam infligere. Plagam Episode 2 (Same as before, this is 1 out of 4 posts, you can find the links to the other parts through my channel.) (This is the ENTIRE Episode of Part 3 of Plagam in one video) (Same as Part 3, entire episode in one video: Plagam Part 4)

Paying Homage to one of the greatest Anime's of all time.


"A Tale of Evil."


In the beginning, our world was not much different then your own. But after the advent. Of modern technology the world eventually collapsed, the technology was salvaged but for those who lost a piece of the pie, their lives changed. The world has been mixing old and new ideas ever since this momentous collapse. After the collapse, the new ideas gathered had become something of which you'd read in Myth or legend, but not in our world. One of the world's most precious and outrageous of new ideas was the manifestation of human energy. It was always possible but never practical, until now. The ability to go inside and pull out your electrical impulses and concentrate it into a beam of light was never even a thought in the history of mankind. But now, over seventy percent of the world's population uses it. Why you might ask. Simple. To control the world... there have been those seeking to become the most powerful Mana energy user in existence, some even claiming to have already reached the pinnacle. Only one has truly reached that ending clause... and I plan to be the second. My name is Togey, and I'm going to be the most powerful person you will ever meet.

Episode 1: In the Beginning...

Episode 2: The Bloody Trail

 Post subject: Re: Two of my Audio Drama's on Youtube.
PostPosted: 21 Sep 2011, 18:53 

Joined: 24 May 2009, 23:10
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Location: Currently: Berkley, MI
I am willing to admit that some of the dialogue, at least in the first episodes of both series are corny at times. Keep in mind, I wrote some of this a long while back. :)

EDIT: Also, I play the serial killer in Plagam. :) And a few other characters and extras here and there for Togey and as well as Plagam.

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